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Website Map

The function of the website map is to let the search engine as soon as possible , More pages of the website .
Here we first need to understand a basic principle , The way search engines crawl . The whole Internet is like a crisscross “ network ”: Each node of a web is a web page , And between the various pages through url Connect with each other . Spiders can start from a web page , Through the url, Climb to another page ; And then on another page url, Go to more pages ……, And so on . But if it's a new website , Maybe there's no other url Pointing to it , Then it will never be “ Climb to ”( Included ). To solve this problem , New station can submit to search engine on its own initiative url, Apply for spiders to come and grab (Google Application website :), But when you apply, you usually submit only one homepage url.

In order to make all of url( Especially dynamically generated ) Can be retrieved by spiders quickly and conveniently , We need to provide a comprehensive and complete 、 Clear structure and timely update of the website map .( More information about the site map ).

And dealing with repetitive content robots.txt file , We go through .ashx File to generate a file based on Of xml Format of the website map . After the website map is generated , We can go to Google Wait for the search engine to submit . A large number of articles confirm that , Submit the site map will greatly improve the speed and depth of the site . Almost everything else SEO Method , It's impossible to prove the effect 、 Failure and even side effects , Except for submitting a site map !

Linq to XML It brings us almost perfect operation experience .

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